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Sensory Mitt

Introducing our Sensory Mitt: the perfect tool to help children with meltdowns, stimming, and fidgeting.

The soft and textured fabric of the mitt provides a soothing sensory experience for kids who may experience overwhelm or anxiety.

The mitt helps to prevent overstimulation and allows children to self-regulate their sensory needs.

Whether it's the gentle pressure, tactile stimulation, or the calming effect of the mitt, it's a must-have for any child who benefits from sensory input.

Our Sensory Mitt is a game-changer for kids who need extra support and comfort in their daily routines.


*Love our products, but envision something custom for your little one? Get in touch so we can make it happen!


    $30 or less = flat shipping rate of $15.

    $31 - $79 = flat shipping rate of $10.

    $80 or more = FREE shipping.


    Made with non-toxic materials.

    Machine wash cold with like colours.

    Tumble dry on low.


    We work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied with their sensory items. If your product is damaged, we’ll be happy to exchange it within 30 days from purchase.

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